Past Projects

Project number Yearsort ascending Principal Investigator(s) Co-P.I's Title Project Link
USDOT Award # 69A3551747124 2019 Hani Nassif Kaan Ozbay, Chaekuk Na Development of A-WIM for Overweight Trucks
USDOT Award # 69A3551747124 2019 Hani Nassif Kaan Ozbay Monitoring and Control of Overweight Trucks
UTRC/RF Grant No: 49198-41-28 2018 Kaan Ozbay Portable and Integrated Multi-Sensor System for Data Driven Performance Evaluation of Urban Transportation Networks
RE-CAST: 00042134-01-2D 2018 Hani Nassif Kaan Ozbay Flexural Performance of Concrete Beams Strengthened using Different Repair Techniques
FHWA-NJ-2017-012 2017 Hani Nassif Route 139 Rehabilitation: Pulaski Skyway Contract 2
DTRT12-G-UTC21 2017 Hani Nassif Performance Measures to Assess Resiliency and Efficiency of Transit Systems
2016 Kaan Ozbay Coordinated Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment in New York City (CIDNY)
UTRC/RF Grant No: 49997-61-24 2016 Kaan Ozbay, Satish Ukkusuri Modeling Disaster Operations From An Interdisciplinary Perspective In The New York-New Jersey Area
FHWA-NJ-2015-002 2015 Kaan Ozbay Traffic Control and Work Zone Safety for High Volume Roads
FHWA-NJ-2015-003 2015 Kaan Ozbay My Tix: NJ Transit′s Mobile Ticketing Application