Current Projects

  • 1. Bridge Resource Program (BRP)
    Sponsored by NJDOT, 2017-2021, $1,600,000/yr, $6,400,000/4yrs (PI)
  • 2. On-Call Agreement Projects (Design, Mainteance and Operation Units) Sponsored by NJTA, 2015-2020, $950,000/yr, $4,750,000/5yrs (PI)
  • 3. Connected Cities for Smart Mobility towared Accessible and Resilient Transportation (C2SMART) Sponsored by C2SMART Tier 1 University Transportation Center (USDOT), 2017-2018, $125,000/yr, $500,000/4yrs (PI)
  • 4. Research on Concrete Applications for Sustainable Transportation (RE-CAST) Sponsored by RECAST Tier 1 University Transportation Center (USDOT), 2015-2018, $711,475/3yrs (PI)
  • 5. Update and Use of ASSISTME for the Analysis of Infrastructure Damage Cost and Fee Collected for Truck Permits Issued by NJDOT Sponsored by NJDOT, 2018-2019, $100,000/yr (PI)
  • 6. Calibration and Development of Safety Performance Functions for New Jersey
    Sponsored by NJDOT, 2018-2020, $47,574/yr, $95,149/2yrs (co-PI) / Prime Award to NYU