Current Projects

Bridge Resource Program (BRP)

Sponsored by NJDOT and FHWA

The primary objective of the BRP is to provide a bridge preservation framework to the NJDOT’s Division of Bridge Engineering and

Infrastructure Management and to maintain the state bridge assets in the most cost-efficient manner that meets the federal mandates of MAP-21 and FAST Act.

NJTA OnCall Agreement

Sponsored by NJTA

The On-Call Agreement provides technical assistance to NJTA’s Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations to resolve various

unforeseen issues using structural health monitoring (SHM), weigh-in-motion (WIM), traffic simulation, and snow App development, and material testing.

C2SMART-NYU Projects

Sponsored by C2SMART Tier 1 UTC and FHWA

The objectives of the C2SMART multi-year projects are to implement an advanced weigh-in-motion (WIM) system with high accuracy sensors for autonomous enforcement purpose,

to develop the infrastructure damage cost due to overweight trucks, and to present an overweight enforcement policy minimizing the damage while maximizing the resiliency of infrastructure systems.

RECAST Projects

Sponsored by RECAST Tier 1 UTC and FHWA

The RECAST projects aim to develop innovative cementitious materials for crack free deck and for damage repair,

as well as practice-ready techniques to enhance the durability of existing infrastructure systems.